The mid-term “Rainbow Wave” was real & these LGBTQ parents are here for it

“So while the so-called “Blue Wave” fell somewhat flat and failed to secure the Senate for the Democrats, LGBTQ candidates won ground-breaking elections all over the country. Like single mom, reproductive rights activist, and small business owner Megan Hunt, who was the first openly LGBTQ woman ever elected to the Nebraska Legislature, and Adam Spickler, elected to the Cabrillo College Board of Trustees, making him the first trans man elected to public office in the state (of California). With the Trump Administration’s attempts to remove protections members of the LGBTQ community, these historic wins brought needed hope to some LGBTQ parents.” Romper, November 7, 2018
Romper, November 7, 2018

Cabrillo trustee candidates face off

“Adam Spickler, 48, became the first openly transgender man to hold elected office in California when he was appointed in lieu of election to Area 2 this summer, which includes parts of Santa Cruz, Live Oak and Scotts Valley. Spickler is a senior analyst at the Santa Cruz County Human Services Department with over a decade of experience in local government, two terms on the board of the nonprofit Santa Cruz County Diversity Center and an associates degree in child development from Cabrillo.” Cabrillo College Voice, November 3, 2018

Adam Spickler makes California history as first trans man to hold elected office

“Spickler, 48, a senior Santa Cruz County analyst and administrator since 2013, is no stranger to electoral politics. He is a longtime local Democratic Party leader and has spent over a decade working for elected officials in the California State Senate and Assembly representing Santa Cruz County and the Central Coast. He has already compiled a long list of endorsements from local and state officials.” Los Angeles Blade, August 16, 2018

In a first, transgender CA man wins elected post

“Spickler… in a Facebook message to the Bay Area Reporter shortly after the filing deadline had closed at 5 p.m., he confirmed that no one filed to run against him. Since he was the only person to seek the seat by the deadline to do so, Spickler will now be appointed to the college board in lieu of an election. He will become the first transgender man to hold public office in California.” Bay Area Reporter, August 15, 2018

Santa Cruz analyst’s Cabrillo Trustee bid could make him first transgender man to hold elected office in state

“Senior county analyst Adam Spickler is making a bid at what would be his first elected office — and could be the first time an openly transgender man holds a public office in California… But Spickler said he’s not running to make history; he’s running because he believes his experience working within local and state government — after graduating from Cabrillo himself in 2002 — has prepared him to bring valuable insight to the board.” Santa Cruz Sentinel, August 11, 2018

Letter – Spickler good fit for Cabrillo trustee

“I recently met Adam Spickler, who is running for a trustee seat on the Cabrillo College Board in this fall’s election. I am pleased Adam is reaching out to folks in Happy Valley where I am raising my twin 10-year-olds. There are a lot of folks in small school districts like ours who utilize Cabrillo summer programs, and many of us are likely to send our kids to Cabrillo to get their college education started before attending a university. Adam himself attended Cabrillo and is very knowledgeable about programs and funding issues impacting the college. He cares about making sure Cabrillo remains affordable and accessible in the future, and he wants to help close the gap between well-intended legislation and the challenges they impose on higher education. Connecting to future Cabrillo leadership is meaningful, and I am excited Adam is stepping up to become a trustee at Cabrillo College.” Maureen Vargas, Happy Valley Elementary School Parent Club President, August 8, 2018

Letter – Cabrillo is working to improve inclusivity

“My daughter, Kenna Lindsay, will be a new fellow for the Cabrillo College Office of Equity this fall. The staff at the Office of Equity work to improve inclusivity at Cabrillo. Their mission is to help underrepresented students of all backgrounds, from Veterans to Dreamers to LGBTQ students, achieve success at Cabrillo through self-empowerment. I’m pleased this work is supported by Cabrillo’s new president, Dr. Wetstein, who has been promoting support for marginalized students since arriving at Cabrillo this year. And I’m thrilled that Adam Spickler, a Cabrillo graduate, has filed to become a Cabrillo Trustee this fall. Adam will bring a fresh new leadership to Cabrillo’s Board of Trustees. He is someone who knows the importance of this equity work as part of a student success model. I’m really excited we have Dr. Wetstein and I look forward to Adam’s leadership as a new trustee in November.” Deborah Lindsay, Santa Cruz Resident, August 3, 2018

BAYMEC endorses trans candidate

“Spickler, who lives in Santa Cruz and works for the county, could become the first transgender man to be elected to public office in California should he win the race. He also would be only the second known LGBT person to serve on the community college’s oversight body. In a statement to the B.A.R., BAYMEC Vice President Paul A. Escobar said the group was “overjoyed” to support Spickler’s candidacy. “His experience and knowledge make us confident that he would be an outstanding member of the Cabrillo College Board who will work to ensure all students get the education they deserve,” stated Escobar. “Adam is thoughtful, effective, and dynamic, and he has been a champion for the Santa Cruz County LGBTQ community for years.” Bay Area Reporter Political Notebook, August 1, 2018

Bay Area Reporter, Political Notebook

“The filing deadline is early next month and Spickler is the only one who has pulled papers to date. He kicked off his campaign in June and is hopeful to secure early endorsements this week from Equality California, the statewide LGBT advocacy group, and BAYMEC, the Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee, which works to elect LGBT candidates in several South Bay counties. He has raised close to $8,000 so far and wants to reach $18,000 in order to fully fund his campaign… “I feel it is really important for me to give back,” said Spickler. “I wanted to do so in a way that provides equal access to education to other marginalized students who are trying to access this college.” Bay Area Reporter Political Notebook, July 25, 2018