Cabrillo College Name Exploration Process


In July 2020, Cabrillo College received a request to rename the college in response to widespread social unrest in the United States and critical analysis of the namesake of the college, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. The request came at an important historical moment, with many in society beginning to question the historical legacy of slavery, colonial exploitation, and the naming of institutions after individuals with historical ties to those immoral practices. I was selected to be a member of the Name Exploration Subcommittee for the college and am proud of the work our committee has done to set guidance principles for the college that are centered on a research-based approach that distinguishes fact from opinion, that consider the impact of renaming on the communities the college serves, and that aligns the processes with the college’s mission and vision as an institution of higher education. Click here to learn more about the name exploration process, watch some of our educational workshops on YouTube, learn about our recent listening sessions, and consider taking a brief survey related to the name of the college. Lastly, stay apprised through my website as to when we anticipate bringing a recommendation on the name of the college to the full board.