Letter – Cabrillo is working to improve inclusivity


“My daughter, Kenna Lindsay, will be a new fellow for the Cabrillo College Office of Equity this fall. The staff at the Office of Equity work to improve inclusivity at Cabrillo. Their mission is to help underrepresented students of all backgrounds, from Veterans to Dreamers to LGBTQ students, achieve success at Cabrillo through self-empowerment. I’m pleased this work is supported by Cabrillo’s new president, Dr. Wetstein, who has been promoting support for marginalized students since arriving at Cabrillo this year. And I’m thrilled that Adam Spickler, a Cabrillo graduate, has filed to become a Cabrillo Trustee this fall. Adam will bring a fresh new leadership to Cabrillo’s Board of Trustees. He is someone who knows the importance of this equity work as part of a student success model. I’m really excited we have Dr. Wetstein and I look forward to Adam’s leadership as a new trustee in November.” Deborah Lindsay, Santa Cruz Resident, August 3, 2018