Letter – Spickler good fit for Cabrillo trustee


“I recently met Adam Spickler, who is running for a trustee seat on the Cabrillo College Board in this fall’s election. I am pleased Adam is reaching out to folks in Happy Valley where I am raising my twin 10-year-olds. There are a lot of folks in small school districts like ours who utilize Cabrillo summer programs, and many of us are likely to send our kids to Cabrillo to get their college education started before attending a university. Adam himself attended Cabrillo and is very knowledgeable about programs and funding issues impacting the college. He cares about making sure Cabrillo remains affordable and accessible in the future, and he wants to help close the gap between well-intended legislation and the challenges they impose on higher education. Connecting to future Cabrillo leadership is meaningful, and I am excited Adam is stepping up to become a trustee at Cabrillo College.” Maureen Vargas, Happy Valley Elementary School Parent Club President, August 8, 2018